Pre-purchase Sewer Line Home Inspections Denver

Afford A Rooter advises that those purchasing a new home in Denver and their realtors should get a pre-buy home inspection that includes a sewer line video inspection. Sewer line inspections should be on the top of the pre-purchase priority checklist due to the large cost and stress of replacing a faulty sewer line. If a older home is being purchased, this is even more important to do. The small investment for a sewer video inspection for the new home buyer is money spent wisely.

Afford A Rooter offers real estate agents, property owners and managers, home buyers and sellers with a judicious and inexpensive sewer line pre-buy home inspection. A sewer video inspection provides a view inside the sewer pipe so any damage can be seen. We use the latest technology to locate and report to you all details regarding your sewer line. With our video camera sewer inspection Afford A Rooter can determine if there are any problems and what solutions can be offered.

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Advantages of Performing a Pre-Home Purchase Sewer Line Video Inspection?

A sewer camera inspection allows the prospective new home buyer to ensure that the sewer line is functioning properly, and to evaluate if any damage needs replacement or repair. Often times, new home buyers discover afterwards that the home’s sewer line is broken and needs to be replaced. Sewer line replacements can be expensive and cost $10,000 or more.

A standard home inspection does not cover the structural integrity or the sewer line conditions. Having a sewer line video inspection before purchasing a property makes your home buying decision an educated and proactive process. A successful and satisfying home purchase includes knowing about and making plans and budgeting for any required maintenance and repairs.

Afford A Rooter’s goal to provide peace of mind for the home buyer and realtor by providing accurate information about the condition of the home sewer lines.

Sewer Line Video Technology

Afford A Rooter uses SeeSnake’s high resolution color camera sewer inspection system. The camera is pushed through the sewer pipe providing an inside view of the camera in real time. The video is automatically recorded on a DVD during the inspection so the plumber and customer can replay the video to determine the proper solution. Afford A Rooter is able to determine if there are any problems with the pipe, and provide the customer with all details including the exact location where there is a problem with the sewer line. This enables us to locate the precise surface position of the problem for repairs. Since pipes rarely run in a straight line, we also use a location transponder to track the pipe from the surface. At the completion of the sewer scope, Afford A Rooter provides you with a DVD of your sewer line scope.


The cost is reasonable and very small compared to the cost of a sewer line replacement. A typical sewer scope costs about $185 with an additional fee up to $45 if a toilet needs to be removed for access.

Afford A Rooter provides sewer line home inspection repair, cleaning, scope, and excavation services in the Broomfield, Westminster, Arvada, Boulder, and Denver CO metro areas.

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