Drain Line Video Inspection Denver

Determine drain line problems before you dig!

Afford A Rooter specializes in drain line video inspections in the Denver metro area. Drain back-ups are an indication of a clogged drain line. This can just require a simple drain line cleaning, or it could be a bigger problem such as a damaged or broken drain line. Now, with a drain line video inspection, you can determine what is causing the backing up without having to incur the cost and damage from a drain line excavation. We will provide you with an unbiased third party video examination of your drain lines.

Avoid an expensive and unnecessary drain line excavation

Avoid an expensive drain line dig with a video inspection. Afford A Rooter’s plumbers use a revolutionary video inspection system by SeeSnake. The inspection enables you to see for yourself the actual condition of the drain lines, and what is causing the blockage. Is it tree root root intrusion, pipe offset, settling, crushed, punctured or broken, or disjointed? Once you know what the problem is, this will determine the solutions – a simple drain line cleaning up to a drain line replacement. Either way you have peace of mind knowing what the actual problem is, and not wondering if you’re paying for an expensive drain line excavation and replacement when you don’t need one.

State of art technology and equipment

Afford A Rooter uses the RIDGID SeeSnake line of video drain line inspection equipment. It is built to endure the toughest residential, commercial and industrial environments. RIDGID SeeSnake reels and cameras lead the industry because they are built tough for unmatched performance and longevity. A flexible fiber optic video camera is snaked through your drain line transmitting real-time video feeds from the line to a monitor above, so you can see everything in the drain line. As the camera is snaking through the line, the system simultaneously records a DVD, which can be reviewed by you and the plumber to determine the optimal way to fix the problem.

What are the advantages?

  • Insure your home by knowing the health of your drain lines.
  • Verifying what the problem is, saving money on unnecessary and costly drain repair.
  • Locate the exact area of your drain line damage to minimize excavation and yard damage.
  • Save on cost and time, and lower landscape damage from digging.
  • Peace of mind determining if your drain lines are clean. But, if there are problems, you know exactly what they are, and the best solutions to fix the drain line.

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